Perea Nature Trail

The Perea Nature Trail is an easy one-mile loop trail on a mountain peak just outside the village of San Ysidro. During the walk you'll get some great views of the Jemez Mountains to the northeast and the Nacimiento Mountains to the north. The Nacimiento's are old mountains, while the Jemez are relatively new. To the southwest is Blanco Mesa, best known as a creative backdrop in photographs and motion pictures (although today it sees a lot of use as the White Mesa Bike Trails Area). In between Perea and Blanco Mesa is the Rio Salado riverbed with more than 100 million years of geology exposed.

The nearest facilities are in the village of San Ysidro.

To get to the Perea Nature Trail: About 20 miles northwest of Bernalillo on US 550 there's a brown state highway recreation sign posted at the turnoff. The access road is paved. The property is open year round and there are no fees involved.

Maps: BLM - Los Alamos

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Perea Nature Trail area map