San Ysidro Trials Area

The San Ysidro Trials Area is based around a unique slot canyon at the southern end of the Nacimiento Mountains. The property is open for hiking, horseback riding, primitive camping and mountain biking. However, it is closed to off-road motorized vehicles except when the New Mexico Trials Association gets a Special Use Permit for competitive and practice motorcycle events. Nearest facilities and services are in San Ysidro, about 1 mile east of the parking area.

To get to the San Ysidro Trials Area: About 1 mile west of the village of San Ysidro on US 550 there is a paved pullout on the north side of the road. Beyond the pavement is a dirt parking area, a pedestrian gate and a locked vehicle gate. Walk through the pedestrian gate and follow the road. Or stop by the BLM office in Albuquerque and get the key...

The San Ysidro Trials Area is open year round with no fees.

Maps: BLM - Los Alamos

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San Ysidro Trials Area area map