New Mexico is home to seven National Wildlife Refuges and two National Fish Hatcheries. These properties are all administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. These are places to visit with your binoculars and cameras, your duck and turkey calls. Some are open only in particular seasons as they are, after all, set aside to preserve and protect sensitive and important wildlife habitat. Some allow hunting (in season), some allow fishing, some even allow boating. But all National Wildlife Refuges that allow people to visit on a regular basis also have special wildlife observation stations (like hunting blinds) so that we, the people, can get up pretty close and personal to see things in nature we might never see any other way.

Map of National Wildlife Refuges in New MexicoSan Andres National Wildlife RefugeDexter National Fish HatcheryBitter Lake National Wildlife RefugeBosque del Apache National Wildlife RefugeSevilleta National Wildlife RefugeGrulla National Wildlife RefugeMora National Fish HatcheryLas Vegas National Wildlife RefugeMaxwell National Wildlife Refuge