Afton, Wyoming

Afton was originally settled by a group of Mormon pioneers who were travelling along the Lander cutoff of the Oregon Trail. They built a Tabernacle in Afton in 1904 that is still in use by the stake.

Afton also lays claim to possession of the largest elk horn arch on Earth. This monstrosity spans all 4 lanes of US Highway 89 as it passes through Afton. It was built in 1957 of more than 3,000 antlers, is 75' from end to the other, and weighs about 15 tons.

Afton is located in Star Valley at the mouth of Swift Creek Canyon, along the western foot of the Salt River Range.

In the old days, Star Valley was known as "Starvation Valley" because the winters tended to be long and very cold. Many cattle and many people starved to death here before they started to get a hold on it and get themselves prepared in advance. That was about the same time they shortened the name to "Star Valley." Afton itself was named in honor of the "Sweet Afton Fame" stream of Scotland.

And not too far from Afton you'll find Intermittent Spring, site of the world's largest (of only 3 known to exist) cold-water geyser.