A lot of folks these days think "Takin' It Easy" by the Eagles is what made Winslow famous, but Winslow was here long before the Eagles were born. I remember Winslow from when I was a little boy and the family kept driving Route 66 back and forth between the Midwest and California (although the family actually was going back and forth from New England to California in those days and we drove Route 66 between Barstow and St. Louis). These days it's all Interstate 40 and all those BNSF trains running the tracks right through town (the I-40 actually skirts Winslow to the north but is still right up against the town).

The La Posada Hotel, one of the last great Harvey Houses of the 1930's, is located in downtown Winslow. This outstanding example of southwestern architecture was designed by Mary Colter, and she always referred to La Posada as her masterpiece. For many years La Posada was the showplace of the Santa Fe Railroad system. It has been beautifully restored and is still in full operation. La Posada anchors one end of the six-block-long First Street Pathway, the other end being at the historic Hubbell Trading Post (refurbed into Winslow's new Visitor Center). All along the First Street Pathway are exhibits depicting Winslow's diverse history, including the hand-carved totem pole that is the Peter Toth Monument. Another place to visit in downtown Winslow is the Old Trails Historical Museum, opened in 1985 in a bank building that was erected in 1920. A lot of what you'll see in Winslow is centered around the Route 66 era, the Santa Fe Railroad/Fred Harvey/La Posada era, western ranch life and Hopi, Navajo and Anasazi history. You'll discover that Winslow was in the middle of all of that.

But for those of us who still remember "Takin' It Easy," check out the "Standin' on the Corner" Park in downtown Winslow with a life-size bronze statue and two-story mural depicting the story behind the song.

Homolovi Ruins State Park and the Little Painted Desert County Park are just northeast of Winslow. Flagstaff is about an hour further west.

Winslow, Arizona
Winslow Theater, in the historic district
Winslow, Arizona
Also in the historic district of Winslow
Winslow, Arizona
The La Posada Hotel