Kayenta is a small city in the Navajo Nation, in the northern part of Navajo County just south of Monument Valley near the junction of US Highways 160 and 163. Some of the famous buttes in Monument Valley are visible in the streets of Kayenta. Kayenta is a busy little town with hotels, motels, restaurants and stores to serve the tourist traffic coming and going from Monument Valley. However, being on the Navajo Nation, there is no alcohol served anywhere. Also, Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time but the Navajo Nation does. As a town, Kayenta has the only municipal-style government within the Navajo Nation, and is essentially a political sub-division of the Navajo Nation.

Kayenta is also the name of the Tribal Chapter (a political division within the Navajo Nation, kind of like a county within a state). Kayenta Chapter encompasses land in both Utah and Arizona so population figures for Kayenta township (CDP) and Kayenta Chapter are radically different.

Monument Valley, near Kayenta, Arizona
The Mitten in Monument Valley