The Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway is a loop connecting Taos, Angel Fire, Eagle Nest, Red River and Questa. It's a gorgeous drive in a circle around the clump of rock that contains most of the highest mountains in New Mexico, including Wheeler Peak (13,161'). Lots of National Forest, a National Wilderness Area, a couple of old gold camps, three major ski areas plus a great cross-country area, some excellent golf even, Eagle Nest Lake, the Merino Valley, Palo Flechado and Bobcat Passes, the list is long. There's a lot here to appreciate and enjoy. And I haven't even mentioned the World Heritage Site that is known as Taos Pueblo, nor have I mentioned the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a truly beautiful and inspiring place built by people of great heart. Get off the beaten path a bit and you have the Rio Grande Gorge and Cimarron Canyon close by... don't mind me, I'm in love... I live in a beautiful place and I know it.

So if you're thinking to just drive through and take a look, have fun. But if you stop along the way and spend a few days, you might not want to leave. There's an awful lot of wild life to be lived out here... and a lot of outdoor fun for everyone.