Granite Gap

Near the Arizona border, a spectacular series of limestone and granite ridges and other rock formations rise up to form a secluded bowl around the Granite Gap. This area contains Chihuahuan Desert vegetation at its finest: cactus, ocotillo, agave... And the area is a wintering ground for many different species of migratory birds.

Granite Gap offers no facilities, no restrooms, no drinking water. Hiking and wildlife viewing are allowed but no camping.

To get to Granite Gap: Go to exit 5 on the I-10. From there go south on NM 80 for about 11 miles. There'll be an unmarked dirt track on the right (ain't it great?) There's a wire gate at the entrance to the site. Go through it (and leave it the way you found it), take the left fork and go about 1/2 mile along a sandy road. Park near the first large rock cluster, do not drive past the cut in the rocks. Figure on the road being unmaintained and essentially impassable when it's wet.

Granite Gap is open year round and there's no fees involved.

Maps: BLM - Lordsburg