Bureau of Land Management Sites in Idaho

BLM Sites in Idaho

Listed below are some of the BLM sites in Idaho. There's National Trails, Scenic Byways and National Monuments, Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas, Campgrounds, and Recreation Sites (which includes picnic sites, conservation areas, mining areas, interpretive centers, travel management and multiple use areas, and boat launches).

Note: In 1992, the BLM presented a list of Wilderness Study Areas to Congress. The list was made up of properties that met certain very specific criteria in terms of reaching future designation as full-blown wilderness areas. Over the years since, further study of those properties has resulted in some of them being declared Wilderness Areas (particularly all those properties in Owyhee County) while many of the others are no longer recommended for the full designation. However, until Congress makes its final ruling and passes the paperwork, all the properties on the 1992 list are required to be maintained and managed as wilderness areas unless they have been specifically exempted by some other Act of Congress since.

National Trails, Scenic Byways, National Monuments
California National Historic Trail
Continental Divide National Scenic Trail
Craters of the Moon National Monument
Hulls Gulch National Recreation Trail
Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
Wilderness & Wilderness Study Areas
Appendicitis Hill WSA
Big Jacks Creek Wilderness
Black Canyon WSA
Borah Peak WSA
Box Creek WSA
Bruneau-Jarbridge Rivers Wilderness
Burnt Creek WSA
Cedar Butte WSA
Crystal Lake WSA
Eighteen Mile WSA
Gooding City of Rocks WSA
Grandmother Mountain WSA
Hawley Mountain WSA
Hell's Half Acre WSA
King Hill Creek WSA
Little City of Rocks WSA
Little Jack's Creek Wilderness
Lower Salmon Falls Creek WSA
Marshall Mountain WSA
North Fork Owyhee Wilderness
Owyhee River Wilderness
Petticoat Peak WSA
Pole Creek Wilderness
Raven's Eye WSA
Sand Butte WSA
Sand Mountain WSA
Sheep Creek West WSA
Snowhole Rapids WSA
White Knob Mountains WSA
Recreational & Other Sites
Lucile Recreation Site
Lud Drexler Park
Magic Reservoir
Malm Gulch Petrified Forest
McKay's Bend Recreation Site
Mica Bay Boater Park
Milner Historic Recreation Area
Mineral Ridge Boat Launch
Mineral Ridge - Wolf Lodge Bay
Morgan Bar Recreation Site
Morgan Creek Recreation Site
North Menan Butte
Orphan Point Saddle Campsite
Owyhee River System
Payette River
Pine Bar Recreation Site
Pink House Recreation Site
Pipeline Recreation Site
Poison Creek Recreation Site
Popcorn Island
Red Point Recreation Site
Sacajawea Interpretive Center
Salmon Falls Creek
Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir
Salmon River
Sharkey Hot Springs
Sheep Springs
Shorts Bar
Shoup Bridge Recreation Site
Silver Creek North & South
Skookumchuck Recreation Site
Slate Creek Recreation Site
Smokey Cubs Recreation Site
Snake River Float Boating Access
Snake River Vista Recreation Site
South Fork of the Snake River
St. Anthony Sand Dunes
Steck Park
Stinking Springs Multiple Use Area
Summit Creek Recreation Site
Sun Peak & Lake Creek Trailheads
Swan Falls
Thorn Creek Reservoir
Thousand Springs Cabin
Tingley Springs
Tower Rock Recreation Site
Whiskey Springs Cabin & Stage Stop
White Knob Mining District
Wilson Creek Travel Management Area
Windy Bay Boater Park
Wolf Flats
Agency Creek Recreation Site
Bayhorse Recreation Site
Bald Mountain
Beauty Bay Recreation Site
Big Southern Butte
Bison Jump
Black Butte
Blackfoot River
Black Magic Canyon
Blackrock Canyon/Chinese Peak Recreation Site
Blackwell Island Recreation Site
Bluegill Landslide
Bonneville Point
Bruneau Canyon Overlook Recreation Site
Bruneau and Jarbridge River System
Cedar Creek Reservoir
Celebration Park
Challis Bridge Boat Ramp
Chess Creek Nature Trail
Chief Parrish Recreation Site
Chilly Slough Wetland
CJ Strike Reservoir
Cottonwood Recreation Site
Cove Recreation Site
Craig Mountain
Crater Lake Saddle Campsite
Crater Peak Campsite
Deadman Hole Recreation Site
Dedication Point
East Fork Recreation Site
Joe T. Fallini Recreation Site
Fish Creek Reservoir
Formation Springs
Gamlin Lake Recreation Site
Great Rift
Halverson Bar
Hammer Creek Recreation Site
Harper's Bend Recreation Site
Heart Mountain Spring Recreation Site
Heller Bar
Hell's Half Acre
Henry's Fork-Snake River
Henry's Lake
Indian Hot Springs Recreation Site
Jarbridge River Put In
Jimmy Smith Lake Trailhead
Jump Creek Canyon
Killarney Lake Boat Launch
Killarney Picnic Site
Leslie Recreation Site
Little Boulder Recreation Site
Lower Salmon River
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