The Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road is a 55-mile route that travels south through Santa Cruz River Basin from Mountain View/Vail on Interstate 10 to Nogales, via Sonoita and Patagonia. This is a semi-arid valley between mountain ranges that rise almost straight up from the valley floor. Going south out of Mountain View/Vail, you'll be on Arizona Highway 83 until you reach the intersection with Arizona Highway 82 at Sonoita. Turn right and follow the road through Patagonia, past Patagonia Lake State Park and the Sonoita Creek Preserve, then reach Nogales. Most of this scenic road is through grasslands and rolling hills. There are a number of access roads along the way that give public access to some of the separated islands of Coronado National Forest. In season, this area is a real hot-spot for the bird-watching types with more than 300 species passing through on a regular basis.