Las Cienegas National Conservation Area

Las Cienegas National Conservation Area contains more than 45,000 acres of land straddling the Pima and Santa Cruz County line. This is an area of oak-studded hills and rolling grasslands that occupies the space between several "sky island" mountain woodlands. The Las Cienegas National Conservation Area was assembled of the Cienega and Empire Ranches and parts of the adjoining Vera Earl and Rose Tree Ranches.

The Empire Ranch is still a working cattle ranch and offers rooms (some universally accessible) in its historic headquarters building. Because it is still a working cattle ranch, you are asked to leave gates as you found them in your travels around the property.

Unless you're with a large organized, commercial, competitive group, then there are no fees and no permits involved. Primitive camping is allowed on already established sites only. Stay limit is 14 days. Stay at least 1/4 mile away from stock tanks and/or water holes. Bring your own water and firewood. Vehicles need to stay on vehicle-designated routes. Look out for rattlesnakes, africanized honeybees and illegal immigrants. Most things you might need, you can get in Sonoita.