Cloud Peak Skyway

The Cloud Peak Skyway is actually about 64 miles of US Highway 16 between Ten Sleep and Buffalo, Wyoming. This is the area where US 16 crosses the Bighorn Mountains on the southern side. This is one of the main roads going and coming between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks to the west and the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore and Devils Tower National Monument to the east.

From east to west, the Cloud Peak Skyway heads into the Big Horn Mountains just west of Buffalo as US Highway 16. The route rises into the Big Horns to cross Powder River Pass (9,666') and drop down the western side of the mountains into the spectacular Ten Sleep Canyon before the Skyway comes to an end just east of the town of Ten Sleep. Along the journey, there are numerous turnouts provided so you can enjoy the views.

Cloud Peak Skyway offers some great views of Cloud Peak Wilderness, and of Cloud Peak itself. Most of the route lies within the Bighorn National Forest in the southern Big Horn Mountains.

In the high mountains along the Cloud Peak Skyway
In the high mountains along the Cloud Peak Skyway
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Cloud Peak Skyway area map