Pinedale is the western gateway to the Wind River Mountains, about halfway between Rock Springs and Yellowstone National Park. That means there's some major hunting outfitters here. 15 of Wyoming's 16 highest peaks are close by in the Bridger Wilderness of the Wind River Mountains. There's also the world-class technical climbing mecca at the Cirque of the Towers.

One of the local attractions is the Museum of the Mountain Man. About 10 miles east is the White Pine Ski Area, rising above Fremont Lake (Wyoming's second largest lake - and at 696 feet deep, the 7th deepest lake in the U.S.)

This area was home to fur trappers, traders and mountain men from about 1820 to 1840 (when the beaver hat finally went out of fashion). Between 1825 and 1840 there were 6 rendezvous held near the Green River where the trappers and mountain men were met by wagon trains from St. Louis carrying powder, food, whiskey, traps and other supplies. The trading and drinking would go on day and night until there were no more pelts left to change hands. The Green River Rendezvous is still re-enacted in Pinedale every year for 4 days around the second weekend in July.

The Mormon Emigrant Trail, the Oregon Trail, the Overland Trail, the Astorian Route and the Pony Express Route all crossed through this area. Many of the trails are still visible. There are also several Overland Stage Stations and National Historic Sites near Pinedale in the Green River drainage.

The Lander Cut-Off of the Oregon Trail was built through Sublette County in the late 1850's. Emigrants passed through the area but no one stayed until about 1875. Cattle ranchers started wintering their stock in the area's protected valleys in the 1890's. That's when ranching started to really grab hold around Pinedale. One of the largest herds of wild horses in America still roams the high desert countryside south of Pinedale.

These days, the big thing is oil and gas exploration and development. The first fields came into production back in the 1920's, with small booms in the 1950's and 1980's. What's happening right now is really big in the southern half of the county. That's why there's almost no rentals available in Sublette County.

And both Pinedale and Sublette County are proud of the fact that there isn't a single stop light in the county...