Sunrise Mine Glory Hole, Sunrise, Wyoming
The Sunrise Mine Glory Hole

Hartville is Wyoming's oldest incorporated town, and the Miner's and Stockmen's Bar in Hartville is the oldest operating bar in the state. The first settlers here were miners digging out gold, iron, silver, copper and onyx.

About 1 mile east of Hartville is what's left of Sunrise, the site of a copper mine that became an open pit iron mine in 1898. Sunrise was a company town (which means folks went to Hartville for their "entertainment") with its own store, hospital, doctor, church, school and the first YMCA built in the state of Wyoming. The mine at Sunrise was in operation until demand dropped off in 1980 and the mine closed.

Sunrise is now officially a ghost town (and private property) while Hartville does still have some residents (mostly retired miners), a few open businesses and some of the original stone buildings still standing.