Bear Lake State Park marina, just outside Garden City

Located on the western shore of Bear Lake, Garden City has become a popular summer resort town. A group of Mormon settlers founded Garden City back in 1877. They began as a branch of the church and the settlement grew so quickly, they became a ward in 1879. However, the population seems to rise and fall in step with the national economy. Supposedly, the city got its name because one of the founders (Wright A. Moore) once said "We live in a city of beautiful gardens." When you consider how long and cold the winters in this area often are, that seems quite fitting.

Every summer sees the annual Raspberry Days Festival happen in Garden City, two days prior to the first Saturday in August. Raspberries were imported and first planted in 1910. Since then, the climate has proven perfect for the growing of excellent, juicy sweet berries.

Just outside town are a couple units of Bear Lake State Park, including the headquarters and main marina. The main highway intersection in Garden City is where the Bear Lake and Logan Canyon Scenic Byways meet. Beaver Mountain Ski Resort is maybe 20 minutes west of Garden City.