Elk in the Meadow Photo Gallery

These photos were taken one late spring day as I was hiking near Mt. Mestas. This is at the very north end of the range occupied by the Trinchera herd. The Trinchera herd was first released in Vermejo Park Ranch about 50 years ago. The Rocky Mountain Elk was pretty much killed off by 1900 and this was the first attempt to bring elk back into the area. The story is there were 50-some Manitoban elk in that first trainload brought down by the foreman at Vermejo Park Ranch and set loose. They did very well in their new habitat. A couple of years later, the ranch foreman brought in another trainload of Manitoban elk and that was it. At this point, there are 50,000+ head in the herd and they are scattered everywhere from Taos to Mt. Blanca on both sides of the Sangre de Cristo's. They've done so well they outnumber the people here.

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First view of the meadow full of elk
First view of the meadow full of elk
A small herd of elk
Another small herd of elk
another herd of elk
Another group on the move
Elk in all directions
There were elk in all directions
A larger view of the area
A herd on the move
A different perspective
A different view
A herd in another meadow
A herd in another meadow
Elk in the first meadow
In the first meadow
A close up of the first meadow
A close up of the first meadow logo
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