Pinto Valley Wilderness

Pinto Valley Wilderness
In the Pinto Valley Wilderness
Pinto Valley Wilderness

The 39,173-acre Pinto Valley Wilderness is completely within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Against the eastern boundary is the Jimbilnan Wilderness.

The Pinto Valley Wilderness is an area of scenic valleys between rugged hills. The countryside is reasonably barren but quite colorful with red sandstone outcroppings above the grays, yellows and browns of the desert floor. In between is the green of the sparse desert vegetation.

Elevations range from a low of 2,700 feet to a high around 4,700 at a ridgetop on the northern end of the property. Pinto Valley is located such that from a high point with views to the east, you can get views of the lower end of the Grand Canyon and of Iceberg Canyon. Sandstone Spring and Cottonwood Spring are usually flowing some amount of water in this Mojave Desert barrenness.

The northern side of Boulder Canyon offers some very dramatic cliffs and barren rock dropping to the blue waters of Lake Mead.

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