Lime Canyon Wilderness

Joshua Trees in Nevada
Joshua Trees in the desert of Nevada

The 23,233-acre Lime Canyon Wilderness is about 45 miles east of Las Vegas with the Lake Mead National Recreation Area on its western side. The eastern boundary is along the Gold Butte Back Country Byway.

This remote area is typical Mohave Desert: gently rolling hills interspersed with rugged drainages, one large narrow canyon and several wide, sandy washes, 2 parallel ridglines that cross the property and widespread faulting and erosion that have exposed millions of years of sedimentation and other geology. The highest elevation is 4,406'. The vegetation is mostly creosote bush, cacti and small communities of yucca and Joshua tree. In the higher areas you'll find spectacular views of the Muddy Mountains to the west and Lake Mead to the south and west.

Lime Canyon Wilderness map
Lime Canyon Wilderness map
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