Mount Princeton

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Mt. Princeton
Mt. Princeton from Buena Vista
Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton is the southernmost and most visible of the Collegiate Fourteeners. Its summit is less than 9 miles southwest of Buena Vista, rising abruptly out of the Arkansas River Valley. Most folks climb the mountain via the 4x4 road that ascends the mountain on the east side to treeline at about 11,800'. Then they follow a trail that leads towards an old mine but don't follow the trail to the end. Leave the trail between 12,700 and 12,900 feet and climb the talus up to Princeton's southeast ridge. Follow the ridge to the summit.

There is another trail from the Grouse Canyon Trailhead that climbs Princeton's southwest ridge, traversing over the top of Point 13,971.

Mt. Princeton
Mt. Princeton from the south - Point 13,971 on the left
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