Ellingwood Point

Blanca Massif - Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Ellingwood Point on the left, Blanca Peak on the right
Ellingwood Point

It seems most folks climb Blanca Peak and then do the traverse and climb Ellingwood. We couldn't find any indications of a trail leading directly up onto Ellingwood. The first cairn we found leading in that direction was on a ledge in the middle of the broken cliff bands. So we worked our way across the face of the ridge and then ascended to the ridge line north of the towers and cliffs. Again, the best way up the hill lay along the exposed ridge. By this time I was pretty much over my problem until we came into a notch just below the final climb to the summit. The notch had an incredible view across the north face and into Lily Lake. However, I felt the vertigo and didn't hang out any. The climbing wasn't bad and we were on the summit about 11:40 am.

We had lunch, shot photos and ended up waiting for the two climbers we passed on Blanca to arrive at Ellingwood's summit. We had a good conversation with them and then started back down about 12:15. Furi started flapping his arms like a bird and I grabbed him saying, "No flying, not even Sherpas." We laughed and then he went straight down the hill with us following. Furi was picking trail and he eventually led us down onto the main trail up onto Blanca. From there it was a cakewalk back to camp. We were back about 2:20 pm. Another absolutely exquisite day in the mountains.

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Huerfano Peak
Huerfano Peak and the Sierra Blanca
California Peak
California Peak with the Crestones behind
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
Mt. Lindsey
Mt. Lindsey and Gash Ridge
Lily Lake
Lily Lake below Ellingwood's north ridge
in the rocks
Furi and Bill are down there in the rocks
Blanca's face
Blanca's face from Ellingwood
Ellingwood's west ridge
Ellingwood's west ridge
Crater Lake
Almost back to Crater Lake
Ellingwood's face
Ellingwood's face from Blanca Peak
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