SolVista Basin Ski Area seems to now be part of the Granby Ranch development (2 miles south of Granby, 15 miles north of Winter Park). In doing my research for this page, I went to their website: one huge, almost impossible to navigate, Flash object (and I run a Flash-blocker in my browser anyway). I did try the "Contact Us" page but gave up waiting for the "Register at Granby Ranch" stuff to load after a few minutes. Anyway, this is what I did find out:

SolVista Basin Ski Area covers two inter-connected mountains. While the West Mountain is primarily intermediate and advanced, with few beginner runs, the East Mountain is mostly beginner and intermediate terrain. There is a separate bunny slope with its own surface lift. Compared to the other ski mountains nearby, SolVista Basin is tiny. I'm also told SolVista is a very family-friendly ski area, although the lodge is reportedly a bit small... bit I would imagine the lift lines tend to the short side, too.