Dinosaur Trail

In the heart of a forbidding but beautiful landscape, this route passes some of the world's most significant dinosaur fossil quarries and museums. After eons underground, the earth here coughs up rare treasures. You'll find skeletons bleaching in the sun that were buried 100 million years ago. You'll also find high mountains, barren plateaus, two national parks, two national monuments, and two of the greatest rivers in the West: the Colorado and the Green.

The heavy, unending summer rains of 2006 caused some significant changes in our access to sections of Dinosaur National Monument and to some of the Utah and Colorado State Highways in the area. The significant gas well drilling activity in the Vernal, Utah area has caused some changes there as well.

In Vernal you'll find the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum. Some of the finest displays of dinosaur fossils on Earth are there. Steinaker and Red Fleet State Parks are also just north of Vernal. Then just outside Duchense is Starvation State Park. Near Green River is Green River State Park.

In Colorado Highline Lake State Park is just off Colorado 139.