North Fork of the Purgatoire River

Purgatory Campground is also known as Potato Patch Campground from the old days. It is tucked away in the forest, just beyond the edge of the North Lake State Wildlife Area. While the area is best known for its' plentiful and colorful wildflowers, there is also excellent fishing here in the North Fork of the Purgatoire River. The campground has been improved and is maintained by a private concessionaire and is a fee area. The parking lot at the south terminus of the North Fork Trail is free, but come hunting season, it tends to be parked up.

Just below the campground is a jeep trail heading west up onto the shoulder of Mt. Maxwell. It switchbacks several times before passing some old mining prospects and terminating just above treeline. It's an easy way to get up onto Maxwell and Mariquita, if you're interested, but if Cuatro is your target, I'd head up the North Fork Trail a mile or more before striking west and fighting my way through the very thick growth.

Directions: Just south of North Lake on State Highway 12 there is a well-signed dirt road leading west for 4 miles to Purgatoire Campground.