Farley Wildflower Overlook is a pull-off on the Cordova Pass Road just east of the summit of Cuchara Pass. The view from the Overlook is simply spectacular and that meadow directly in front of you is a riot of color all through wildflower season. There are three large, interpretive boards at the Overlook and the view of the West Spanish Peak is also pretty nice. The large wall of rock down below is Dakota Sandstone and the Village of Cuchara is hidden behind it. With a good pair of binoculars, though, you can see Cuchara Mountain Resort to the left of and above that rock wall. Looking west you can see the top ridge of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains but Trinchera Peak is hidden behind that hill rising just across the State Highway. That valley to the right in the photo below is the Cuchara River Recreation Area and leads uphill to Blue and Bear Lakes and access to Trinchera Peak and the 13ers to the south.

Directions: At the summit of Cuchara Pass on State Highway 12 there is a well-marked dirt road leading east for 32 miles to Aguilar. The Farley Wildflower Overlook is an easy 1/2 mile east on that road. This section of the Forest Service road is no problem for regular 2WD vehicles but once you get in a couple of miles, you'll want some good clearance. The east side of the pass is an area where you'll want lots of clearance until you come down off the hill and back onto regularly maintained county road.