Elk in the Blue Range

The Blue Range Primitive Area was established by the Secretary of Agriculture in 1933. Its 173,762 acres are the last designated Primitive Area in the United States (all of the others are now official Wilderness Areas). This is countryside filled with rugged mountains, stark ridges and deep canyons, wild and remote but accessible through an extensive system of inter-connected trails. One thing about the trails, though: maintenance seems to be very spotty these days and these woods tend to be thick. There are also areas here and there that have been burned over the last few years and deadfall in those areas can be pretty heavy. Be careful when there's a good breeze blowing, too: you don't want to be catching falling trees with your body parts...

As a Primitive Area, many of the rules that govern wilderness areas hold true here: especially the one about no motorized or mechanized vehicles, including mountain bikes. This is foot-and-horseback-only country. Of course, a look at the photo below would make you think twice about bringing a horse into these woods, too.

If you are looking for trail maps of the Blue Range Primitive Area, check out: trail maps.