Below is an alphabetical listing of the developed campgrounds on the Coconino National Forest. Most campsites in these campgrounds (but not the group sites) are designed to accommodate up to 8 people in one vehicle. Some sites have room for a second vehicle, but an extra vehicle charge may apply. Campgrounds that have camp hosts usually also offer firewood for sale for $6 per bag. If you find dead or downed wood around your campsite, it is legal to cut and burn that in your campfire, but do not pack that wood up and take it out of the Forest with you (you need a firewood-gathering permit for that and those usually apply only in special areas).

If you prefer primitive camping to the developed kind, you can camp almost anywhere on Coconino National Forest except where "No Camping" is posted. However, there are still certain guidelines to be followed:

  • The maximum stay limit is 14 days in any 30-day period. In some posted areas the stay limit is less.
  • There is no camping or campfires allowed anywhere within any city limits.
  • Unless you have the owner's explicit permission, stay off private property.
  • Do not camp within 1/4 mile of any natural or man-made wildlife or stock watering tank or hole.
  • Where primitive camping is allowed be at least 1 mile from any designated pay campground or recreation area, or as posted.
  • Don't be camping or driving on any open meadowland.
  • You can use any dead or downed firewood you find around your campsite but do not load that wood into your vehicle and leave the Forest with it, unless you have a valid firewood-gathering permit.
  • If you must have a campfire, be aware of the responsibility that goes with that. Use established fire rings, fire pans or build a fire mound. Keep the fire small, and make sure it is dead out before you go anywhere. (I remember a 400,000+ acre fire a few years ago on the Coconino and Sitgreaves, because someone was stupid and irresponsible...)
  • Be at least 200 feet from any main roadway, at least 20 feet from any forest road, and if there's a right-of-way fence, be on the other side of that.
  • Pack it in, Pack it out. Leave no trace.
  • Use a "cat hole" and bury your waste and your pet's waste properly.

The Red Rocks District prohibits primitive camping, dispersed camping, "Camping on your Own," anywhere within the "pink-salmon" colored area on this map. If you want to camp in this area, you must be in a designated campground area.

Coconino National Forest campground