Signal Mountain Wilderness is so close to the Woolsey Peak Wilderness that a single 4WD track is all that separates the two. The Signal Mountain area is a region of sharp volcanic peaks and ragged ridgelines rising above steep-walled canyons and deep, narrow, dry arroyos. Signal Mountain itself (2,182') rises about 1,200' above the surrounding desert just to the north of the center of the 13,350-acre property. You'll find saguaro, creosote bush and paloverde scattered through the upper areas with acacia, mesquite, ironwood, and paloverde lining the washes below. The hills are alive with desert bighorn sheep, mule deer, desert tortoises and several species of raptors. For a long time the most frequent visitors were quail and deer hunters, but lately the rock climbers have been coming, attracted by the large number of varying-difficulty routes on the bold, cracked rock faces.

To get to the Signal Mountain Wilderness, get off the I-8 at exit 87 and head northwest to and through Agua Caliente, and then to the northeast on old jeep trails that require high clearance, preferably of the 4WD persuasion.

USGS Maps: 7.5 minute: Woolsey Peak, Quail Springs Wash