The Coyote Mountains Wilderness is only about 5,100 acres in size. It includes nearly all of the rugged peaks with sheer cliff faces, large open canyons and massive rounded bluffs of the Coyote Mountain Range. This is serious Sonoran Desert country with lots of mesquite, chaparral, saguaro, paloverde and oak woodlands.

Access to Coyote Mountains Wilderness is not easy (presently, there is no direct legal access: you either get permission from the private property owner or from the Tohono O'odham Indian Nation) and these mountains are quite rugged. Forget trails, bring your compass, GPS device, a good map and lots of water... you're going to be alone out here.

Just across the valley to the west is Kitt Peak Observatory.

USGS Maps: Palo Alto Ranch, Kitt Peak, Pan Tak, San Pedro