Returning to Colorado from Phoenix one day, I drove up the US 60 between Globe and Show Low. There was some pretty spectacular countryside but the Salt River Canyon crossing is where the views really opened up. I hadn't traveled this route since I was a little boy, and the memories that came back... The works of man in this canyon have changed in that almost-50 years, but not much else. The Salt River Canyon is touted as "Arizona's other canyon," and with good reason. This is still maybe 30 miles upstream from the Salt River Canyon Wilderness. In the area around the bridge over the river is where most whitewater rafting companies put into the river for their trips through the wilderness - I think this may be the nearest place upstream of the wilderness where they can actually get down to the river. Rafting season here is from March to May, then the river gets too low.

The four photos at the bottom were all taken from a turnout just below the northern rim of the canyon.

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